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WELCOME to TheBigVault, TheBigVault is a large scale site touching a vast area/sectors of websites and online network. TheBigVault is aimed to be a one-stop branch for all Nigerian student, allowing them to get almost all their needs in one place. TheBigVault first started with a Review launch on July 10, 2020, where only a few people were allowed to access the site for testing purposes, It was then relaunched for Public use on August 10, 2020, and ever since we have been consistent, up-to-date, unfailing, and trustworthy. On TheBigVault, all users and guests are permitted to write and post stories giving them a chance to reach a larger audience. TheBigVault loves to give back, so we have our Daily, weekly and monthly Giveaways, ensure to opt-in when these giveaways are available as you can earn cash prizes, awards, sponsorships, and free services from TheBigVault.  

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