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When is UNILORIN resuming? Physical Resumption, Opening of Hostels, Physical Lectures, Resumption Guidelines

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Last updated on April 18, 2021

When is UNILORIN resuming? This has been the most asked question on every UNILORIN related WhatsApp group. I will like to itemize what we will talking about in this article. I promise it will be expository, explanatory and straight to the point. This article is aimed at Physical Resumption and Physical lectures but We have to first know and understand that the university of Ilorin resumed academic activities on the 11th of January, prior to that an academic calendar was sent out to all affected people (students and staff). Before this time the federal government of Nigeria had issued a directive for University Workers from level 12 and below to stay or work from home till the 23rd of January 2020, this in turn had affected UNILORIN’s physical resumption combined with the Coronavirus safety Restriction orders. So, in summary University of Ilorin has Resumed Academic activities but Virtually, through online conference and Classroom platforms (like Google classroom, Google meet, Zoom, Telegram, moddle).

Physical Resumption

What does it mean?

Many misunderstand Physical resumption for  Physical Lectures, meanwhile these two aren’t the same. Physical resumption simply insinuates that the school is resuming Physically. Now, Please don’t get confused, School resumption does not mean Lectures start. School resumption means workers and student can resume activities (not particularly academic). Let me give an example for better understanding, in time past (when all this ASUU and Corona weren’t affecting UNILORIN), Resumption directives comes In this manner “ the university of Ilorin has said today that the school will be resuming on the 22nd of October 2019 and lectures are to start on the 9th of November 2019”. When a school resumes physically, things like course registration, payment of school fees, release of timetable, correction of timetable and resumption of other physical activities within campus  are the kind of  things that take place not necessarily academic activities or lectures.

When is UNILORIN’s Physical Resumption?

This article is coming quite late sequel to the fact that university of Ilorin had already declared its date for physical resumption since the 15th of January. I will be sharing the broadcast message release by the Director of Corporate affairs of the school below this paragraph. The message is quite clear and already know to student of  the school, but for those that don’t know or haven’t heard about this news here it is

P.M.B. 1515, ILORIN
Phased Resumption of Classes
In furtherance to the virtual resumption of academic activities at the University of Ilorin on January 11th, 2021 and in compliance with the directive of the Federal Government, the University management has announced a phased reopening of the institution for the formal resumption of academic activities beginning from January 25th, 2021.
Our students and their parents are expected to strictly comply with the phased resumption schedule, as we intend to strictly enforce the timetable as itemised below:

Phase 1: 25TH JANUARY, 2021
Return of students with outstanding 1st Semester examinations who will return home after their examinations

Phase 2 (Two weeks): 1STFEBRUARY, 2021
Final Year and Postgraduate students come into campus for the next two weeks

Phase 3 (Two weeks): 15THFEBRUARY, 2021
100 level students come into campus for the next two weeks

Phase 4 (Two weeks): 1ST MARCH, 2021
All other students come into campus

Parents should please note that in the event that any child/ward tests positive to COVID-19, he/she would be sent back home to self-isolate and continue to receive lectures virtually.
All students will sign an Agreement that in the event that anyone tests positive to COVID-19, he/she would be sent back home to self-isolate and continue to receive lectures virtually. In case such students miss any examination, make-up examination would be arranged for them.
Virtual lectures that commenced on 11th January, 2021 will continue even after physical resumption of classes

Hygiene and Welfare of Staff and Students
The University management has provided hand washing facilities in all students’ areas, such as Lecture Theatres, Examination Halls and places commonly frequented by staff and students on campus.

Each student should have at least five changeable face masks, and pocket sanitizers, among others.

Enforcement of the No-Squatting policy in the University hostels will be strictly pursued to ensure the physical distancing policy of COVID-19 prevention.

The University management will continue to support the University Health Services to ensure safe handling of emergency cases.

Kunle Akogun
Director of Corporate Affairs
15th January, 2021

Opening of Hostels

Opening of hostels is one of the major characteristics of physical resumption, if not for delays in school’s action and other cognitive reasons, opening of and payment for public hostels should be done before lectures start during the first 2 weeks of physical resumption (but this doesn’t happen often in UNILORIN) . Hostels off campus were never locked to student since they operate by normal constitutional house renting guidelines. Hostels on campus on the other hand have been locked since the Emergency Corona break in march which has unfortunately lasted this long. Hostels on campus were opened to student starting from 23rd January 2021 but it also will be following the phase Resumption plan designed by the school.  But before student can be allowed to pack in to their hostels, they must provide proof of studentship and as well must have filled the clearance form released by the school (here is the link: ; IT IS CLOSED FOR NOW). You must also follow guideline rules laid by the hostels and the student affairs unit, we will discuss more on this in the guidelines section. Here is the Hostel Opening schedule.

Please note that HOSTEL FEE PAYMENT is not required from any student before resuming into the hostel.

Physical Lectures

The most anticipated for, When will UNILORIN start physical Lectures? Hopefully in march, because this phased resumption has to proceed uninterrupted as it is one the practices for curbing the Covid 19 Pandemic. So if there are improvement in the health safety of the country then Physical Lectures can commence after Phase 4 resumption. But for now UNILORIN Physical lectures has been suspended till further notice.

Resumption Guidelines

  1. Students are expected to come with minimum of 5 reusable face masks
  2. Students are to avoid crowded environment under any disguise.
  3. It should be noted that no visitor will be permitted in the hostel.
  4. Students who have symptom(s) of any ailment are advised to please stay off the campus and make necessary report through their Faculty Sub Dean to the Student affairs unit. You will be required to approve to your compliance through the online clearance form
  5. The Student Affairs units have mandated that NO student should be allowed to come into the hostel after 6pm. Therefore, kindly plan your movement to arrive the hostel before the check-in deadline.
  6. As earlier communicated by the university, all students must come along with at least five (5) pieces reusable nose masks.
  7. No form of gathering or meeting
  8. Common rooms to be closed
  9. No visitor/parent should be allowed into the hostels.

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