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Kwara State COVID-19 Palliatives warehouse busted, foodstuffs carried and some people arrested [videos included]

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Last updated on February 14, 2021

Kwara State COVID-19  Palliatives warehouse has been busted into by indigenes of the states, It seems that some individuals already knew of the location as at yesterday night, No videos on this, just rumours that are yet to be confirmed. The set of people who were said to have found out about the location of these palliatives are yet to be found or rather not even known. Videos of the palliative’s hideout started trending on social media around noon.

The videos released by the guys who found the place was accused of being a lie, Mixed feelings from people dominated replies to the video at first, but surprisingly some people believed and trooped to the location. The first video displayed motions of the trademarked Kwara state taxi and probably that was where people concluded on it originality, plus the building was also known by Passersby and people who journeyed through the route.

The Kwara state COVID-19 palliative warehouse is located at a so-called “Cargo terminal along airport road”. The warehouse was described to be very big, unlike Lagos state warehouse which was said to be 600ft by 600ft, the dimensions of this building is not known, but from the videos, you will see it was very very big indeed. Witnesses claimed that the warehouse had no ventilation in form of windows or rail bars, they claimed it was completely sealed to the top with walls. There were only two large door openings. Other entries into the building were parts of the walls that were broken into by people who went to the scene.

Eyewitnesses claimed it wasn’t an easy task for any kind of person, here are some of their statements

I didn’t realize I wore somebody else’s slippers, I struggled for my life”

“A man saw how rigorous things were and said he will die if he enters here, so he turned back”

“People were fainting, and others were been trampled on”

Another eye witness claimed people died from the trampling and intense struggle due to the large mass of people present but there is no proof on that, as far as we know we haven’t seen any death we have only HEARD, please don’t spread rumours.

Eyewitnesses claimed that there was milk, sugar, spaghetti, indomie noodles, and rice. Some of the aforementioned foodstuffs are shown in the videos. We currently do not have any information on who owns the warehouse, but what we know is that WE  ARE SUFFERING FROM BAD GOVERNANCE IN KWARA STATE AND NIGERIA AS A WHOLE.

The News on Radio Kwara FM radio station enlightened us that the Kwara state government said that the warehouse was broken into by hoodlums (😆are they saying the hundreds of people that took what was theirs were hoodlums… #badgovernance), from the radio station stated that the government said the “act was condemnable” and that some people have been arrested. SMH😤… They claimed the Pallatives carried ( not stolen😆) were stored up for the extremely needy, and that palliatives have been shared to many other local governments across the state… THIEVES, THEY ARE ALL THIEVES!


BREAKING NEWS; Kwara State most popular Shopping mall; SHOPRITE has been attacked by hoodlums, FEMTECH Is been looted as well!

More updates coming soon #TeamTBV

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