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Hey guys😀, I am really happy that it is today already😁! TheBigVault is finally Launched🚀

Since TheBigVault is a newly Launched site, we will be needing your thoughts, your Reviews, Suggestions and complaints about the site🙂. We prefer been contacted on WhatsApp so click the button to Chat us up directly↘.

We will also like to share with you a Customized Broadcast Message so you can share and advertise us to friends and family. If you would love to promote us🥺 or advertise for us and with us😉 kindly click the button below 🥺

We are also expecting you to register➕, come and join TheBigVault family😃, You can post articles, stories, poems, Thoughts, News, and many more. The site is Opened for you😘. Click the button below to Register. So you can get to enjoy our many features. You can also create topics in our forum section and invite your mates, colleagues, friends, and family to discuss. You can post Jobs of any kind, even sales girl’s posts are welcomed. Register your Business/Services in our services directory.

BUSINESS OWNERS📢📢🔊, it is your time to shine, register, and save your Business/ Services in our Services Directory to enjoy free advertisements and promotion:, a free Business page on our sites, Useful Business contents, and newsletters, Helpful business tips and much more. TheBigVault is a Big House, where we try as much as possible to make our audiences, guests, visitors, and Family members💓 get almost all they need in one place. By registering with us, You get advertised to all the above⬆. Just like many other services or business directory sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, TrueLancer, etc people come to our sites to look for suitable service owners, Contractors, Sellers, and Buyers to do business with. This way you

  • Strengthen Your Business Reputation and Career💪
  • Shoot Up Your Brand Awareness and Visibility🚀
  • Expand The Online Presence Of Your Business 🌍
  • Improve Your Visibility as A Business Owner, CEO or Company Employee😎
  • All Will Make You Get Discovered More On the World Wide Web…… ehnnnnnn on the Internet😅

To our University students, we say, “Hey, How have u been holding up😷?” , TheBigVault Gotchya😉, we pray all this ends soon, To all 100 level students we say an extra Welcome to TheBigVault, Your notes, PDFs, PQs, and PRQs will be posted soon… “Very soon” says Sampor. TheBigVault is partnering with the UNILORIN’S Reputable SAMPORHELP who seeks to stretch helping hands to University students all over Nigeria. For students in other Levels Sampor Says “we have them in mind😤“, your Course Materials will be posted a little later but we Trust it is also coming soon.

In Conclusion😤, we will like to say that you should please🙏 bear with us in case you meet up pages with empty posts or contents, or error links, un-downloading files, kindly just drop a comment, or leave us a message on WhatsApp or preferably in our contact form down the page🙂. We love and We Heart You❤✊

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…Everything In One Place

TheBigVault also offers FREE MUSIC PROMOTION! to  all Upcoming and Star Artiste  we give  free support and Ranking. So tell that your friend that is paying some some sites unnecessary fee to get his music up in the internet that TheBigVault Gat-His-Back.

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